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 Current Information 

Issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration



Additional current information from the FDA 


 Current Information
Issued by the European Medicines Agency




 Additional current information from the EMA

For the benefit of our clients the Scilent Technologies Library provides a single point for accessing:

  • EMA regulations, guidances,
       and standards
  • FDA regulations, guidances,
       and standards
  • FDA enforcement related
  • Live feeds of FDA recalls and
       safetyalerts, press releases,
  •    and enforcement reports


 FDA inspection related documents have been made availabe through the Freedom of Information Act.


If you have suggestions for links, other types of documents, or information that you find useful and would like to see included in the library, please send your suggestion to us.


Submit library suggestions 



Regulations, Guidances and Standards


European Medicines Agency


US Food and Drug Administration



FDA National Drug Directory 


Drug Directory 



FDA Warning Letters


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